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Club name Club website
KY16 9PD St Andrews [Edit]
LN2 1LU Lincoln [Edit]
RG12 7DL Bracknell [Edit]
AB24 3AA Aberdeen [Edit]
BN18 9DF Arundel [Edit]
BA1 3EN Bath [Edit]
BT9 5FJ Belfast Monday [Edit]
BT9 5BQ Belfast Thursday [Edit]
CM11 2HQ Billericay [Edit]
B1 2EA Birmingham [Edit]
TD6 9NP Borders [Edit]
BH9 2UJ Bournemouth [Edit]
LL42 1PD Barmouth [Edit]
DD2 1AS Dundee [Edit]
CB1 2BH Cambridge City [Edit]
BD17 7BL Bradford [Edit]
BS1 5AE Bristol [Edit]
BN1 4SD Brighton [Edit]
CB4 3PS Cambridge Junior Chess and Go [Edit]
CB3 9AN Cambridge University [Edit]
CB2 1RU Cambridge University [Edit]
CT2 2JQ Canterbury Go Club [Edit]
CF5 1QE Cardiff [Edit]
SE7 8RE Charlton Chess Club [Edit]
CH1 2LB Chester [Edit]
DH1 3TQ Durham [Edit]
DH1 4PS Durham [Edit]
EH3 9JB Edinburgh [Edit]
KT19 Epsom [Edit]
EX1 1ED Exeter [Edit]
G12 8QQ Glasgow University [Edit]
Hinstock [Edit]
HU5 1LL Hull [Edit]
LA1 3PY Lancaster [Edit]
CV35 8EP Leamington [Edit]
LS2 9NG Leeds University [Edit]
LE9 2EN Leicester [Edit]
E11 2NT London, East [Edit]
NW3 6UU London, North [Edit]
SG6 3TR Letchworth [Edit]
TW1 4RB London, Twickenham [Edit]
GL50 1NB Cheltenham [Edit]
IM3 3HD Isle of Man [Edit]
S1 2BG Sheffield [Edit]
SA1 4JJ Swansea [Edit]
SN5 8LY Swindon [Edit]
SN1 3JS Swindon [Edit]
TN9 1XJ Tonbridge [Edit]
CV4 7AL Warwick University [Edit]
TR12 7AD West Cornwall [Edit]
SO23 9NQ Winchester [Edit]
BA22 8TX Yeovil [Edit]
YO1 7HU York [Edit]
YO10 5DD York University [Edit]
SL6 4HB Maidenhead [Edit]
M2 3AA Manchester [Edit]
TR16 6TG Mid-Cornwall [Edit]
TR15 3RQ Mid-Cornwall [Edit]
MK7 6AA Milton Keynes [Edit]
MK9 1EA Milton Keynes [Edit]
NN1 4JQ Northampton [Edit]
NG9 1AA Nottingham [Edit]
OX1 4JD Oxford University [Edit]
PO7 5LU Purbrook [Edit]
RG1 1EU Reading [Edit]
BN25 2QT Seaford [Edit]
S10 2TG Sheffield University Go Society [Edit]
IV51 9GU Skye [Edit]
AL1 1RT St Albans [Edit]
TS18 Teesside [Edit]
OX4 1ES Oxford City [Edit]
HM 12 Bermuda Go Society [Edit]
EC1N 2LE Central London Go Club, London City Go Club [Edit]
BN2 9UF Brighton [Edit]
W12 8HA London, West [Edit]