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An international go club map

This is an attempt to create a database-driven map of the Baduk/Igo/Weiqi clubs of the world. I maintain a stable version of a map of go clubs. I periodically check for edits to the database, and regenerate the map based on the latest version.

How you can help


If you have access to a national database and would like to contribute data, please do! You can reach me at to contribute data. I'll take almost any sensible format: CSV, SQL, even proprietary spreadsheet formats.

You can also correct the information in this database directly, or add clubs by hand. In each list of national clubs, you'll see "[edit]" links. You can click them to fix any club information.

Code improvements

I keep the source code for this project on GitHub and any corrections or improvements are very welcome.

I also have some tools for importing and exporting from umap on another GitHub repository. They're pretty rudimentary, though.

Spreading the word

Please tell other go players about this project if you find it useful. The more eyeballs, the better it will be.

Paying for bandwidth

If this project becomes really popular, I might need to spend a noticeable amount of money to keep it online. In that case, I will put a begging button on this site. It hasn't come to that yet, though.

Privacy policy

The website does not give out the identity of its users, except if required by law. I have not yet been approached by any government body with a request for user data. The website collects the following data from third-party service providers (Google, Facebook, VK and GitHub): Name and username. This is needed to identify users and to allow users to log in and use the service. If you believe that your data is kept on this website, you can ask me what data I have, or you can ask me to delete it, and if I can confirm your identity via the platform that you used to log in, I will comply with the request.